Biogas Installations

The biogas plant is a special purpose installation for the biogas production from plant biomass, animal manure, organic waste (eg food industry), slaughter wastes or biological sludge from wastewater.

Agricultural biogas plant is the installation for the biogas production from raw materials of plant and animal.
Increasingly, agricultural biogas plants in Poland are created in existing farms where raw materials are available, such as manure, pulp and others.
The resulting biogas can be directly burned in a cogeneration power plant for the production of electricity and heat, or after the standardization introduced into the pipeline.

Energobud Investment Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive realization of investments in agricultural biogas plants - from the search for the location of the investment, to designing to construction of 'turn-key' projects.
We offer professional selection of technologies and substrates, in order to ensure effective and continuous work of biogas plants.